2012-06-18 Release of the New version of Albatross 3D for Windows
The new version of A3D is available in the download section! Have a look in the forums to see the list of changes and find a link to a video presentation of the new features...

2011-03-21 New Beta Of A3D is out
Please, remove previous version before or empty the scripts directory.

2009-07-01 New Beta of Albatross3D is Out.
Beta will come more often from now on...

2008-06-06 New Beta of Albatross3D (with animation)...
This version is centered around animation. It includes:
  • Animation of attributes of light, camera, curves and meshes;
  • Custom attributes;
  • Expression to link attributes;
  • Curve to link attributes;
  • Dope sheet editor;
  • Curve Editor;
  • Constraints (position, rotation, scale, point at, hinge point at, limits).


2007-07-11 New Beta Version for Windows
  • Texture are compressed into 3de files. The 3de file are much smaller;
  • Texture loaded from file can be saved as reference into 3de files (the path is saved, but not the image itself). The 3de file size is much smaller, but 3de file are then not self-sufficient;
  • Mesh and edge handles are remove. Meshes/Edges are selected by cliking anywhere on them;
  • Final gathering is now working;
  • Update Occlusion Pass can limit the distance between considered occluders.
  • Final gathering and Occlusion Pass have their own layers;


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