* SDS modeling, with sharp edges
    * Symmetrical meshes
    * Blob modeleing, with ellipse, 3D splines, 3D meshes.
    * 2D/3D curves: mixe of straight lines and splines, Read TTF font, Boolean operations.
    * Toolboxes on meshes, faces, edges and vertices, texture projection.
    * Use the mouse and/or the keyboard (numerical values)
    * Sculpting
    * Powerful Knife tool
    * Remeshing (drawing a mesh on top of another mesh)
    * 5 Texture projectors: plane, cylinder, sphere, faces and uv.
    * Procedural texture generated by scripts
    * 3D paint
    * Morphing
    * Skining
    * Keyframed Animation with dopesheet and curve editor.
    * Custom Attributes
    * Expression and curve to link keyables
    * Constraints (position, rotation, scale, limits, point at, hinge point at)
    * Export to: 3DS, OBJ, Direct X, DXF, VRML, Virtual Light, SunFlow, Virtual Light Possibility to add new exporter with scripts.
    * Import from: 3DS, LWO, OBJ, VRML, DXF
    * Export to POV, RENDERMAN.
    * All scene data (meshes, animation, texture...) save in one '.3de' file
    * A screenshot can be associated with a scene, so a scene preview is accecible
    * Image File: Read from GIF, Read/Write from JPG, BMP, TGA, PCX.
Supported Platforms
    * Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
    * Linux
    * BeOS
What will come... (in no specific order)
    * Animation IK, BVH import, FBX Import/Export.
    * Better management of the history
    * New modeling tools: extrude a face along a spline, split and connect edges, better bevel edges, cut tool, draw polygon on mesh, bridge between 2 faces...
    * Cloth and hair toolboxes
    * Plant toolbox
    * ...
    * Physics, Fluid simulation